Welcome to Gunball!


The Gunball Rally will be firmly place it’s stake in the ground

as the modified version of the Gumball3000 and Bullrun, and

will be known around the world as the rally everyone can

join in and afford to enter.


The Gunball Rallies! are set to cause mayhem across Europe

the Gunball Run has already planned 2010/2011 to be the

best years yet!!


Get set for race circuits, beautiful girls, all night parties,

German beer festivals, amazing European roads… these are

just a few things that make up the annual Gunball Rallies.

“The Gunball Rally is the most bonkers road trip's around Europe, If you have ever took

part in a car Rally you will know what an absolute blast with some wild driving and even wilder partying. Expect no sleep unless you fancy missing one of the evening’s mental parties.”

There’s no 10-year waiting list or $40,000 entry fee for this rally, team entry starts from

 just £90 deposit, first-come first-serve basis, so be sure to check out the entry section

at www.gunball.co.uk/products.html

The German beer festival

The beer festival's begin in April and

finish in October they start with the Grand

Entry of the landlords, waiters and town

council. At 12 o' clock the mayor opens

the first barrel of beer shouting "o'zapft 's!"

("the keg is tapped!"). The first mug of

beer is passed the Bavarian prime


Around 6 million people attend annually, consuming

4 million litres of beer, half a million roast chickens

and 200,000 pairs of pork sausages. Not mention

 who knows how many Wies'n-Brezen (very large.......

.... pretzels).


So do you like what you see Gunballers ?


If so just click on the link below to enter



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