Gumballers hitting the streets

not shown is the trailer that

carries their wallets.

Let's play pretend for a minute..

Close your eyes and imagine

that you are a celebrity

professional athlete

super wealthy person, etc.,

and you are a little bored at the

moment. What would you do if

you had access to exotic

automobiles and $120,000

burning a hole in your pocket? No … you've already donated enough for tax purposes. (Wow you’re boring!) You would enter the Gumball Rally!


Welcome to The Gunball Run, the most original organiser's of the best Modified car rally inspired by some of your favourite car and driving films.

Taking in some of the most stunning locations and awesome roads in Europe, our events guarantee a stimulating drive. But it’s not just about being behind the wheel…….you’ll need a sense of adventure, humour (and luck!) as you and your team attempt to complete our car film-themed challenges…. in your own car!, yes your car, most rallies expect you to pay out a few hundred pound on a car and then pay a couple of hundred each for the event before you even start paying out to modifiy the car.

Plenty of people complete the events for charity, while others just like an excuse to show off their modified cars and party their way through Europe. Whatever your motivation, you can be sure of a long weekend to remember!


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